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When HR is done right it not only transforms how people do work, it transforms how they do life. ~Raven Lee

Helping businesses focus on what they do best!
"With the right people anything is possible." ~Richard Branson

Raven Lee Consulting, LLC is a human resources consulting, leadership development, and virtual assistance firm. Our solutions can fit into two areas, assisting our clients with long term strategy and ensuring the day to day transactions are being expertly completed. We believe that HR done right can transform people not only at work but at home and within their communities. Our approach to HR is that it should be transformational and innovative. We recognize that many small and medium sized businesses can't afford a dedicated HR professional and that's where we come in to help. As HR experts, we want to assist you in making the right people decisions that will help your people and your business grow. We strive to create wow experiences for our clients by adding value to their organization and being their trusted HR business partners. Our clients don't have to go it alone!

  • Just getting started in your career or has your career stalled? Our coaching programs make coaching available for everyone. We offer group and one-on-one options.

  • We love to come on site and host training classes. Our offerings can augment what you do in house or we can create an entire program to meet the needs of your staff.

  • As HR experts, we are fully capable or reviewing and/or working with you to implement best in class HR process/procedures.

  • It's important that your people strategy align with your business goals. We help you create a plan that puts the right people in the right place, doing the right things.

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